A tiny machine brain with big potential

“Pocket Machine Brain” (POCKEBOT) is a learning partner to help children discover the future. By projecting computational thinking onto robots, computational thinking becomes more concrete and popular, allowing students to understand it more intuitively.
Through the combination of systematic teaching materials and small robots, the teaching materials become lively and interesting, and constantly stimulate students’ interest in learning. The “discovery” learning mode allows students to learn in the process of “playing” and enjoy the joy from finding problems to solving them.
“POCKEBOT” creates rich and interesting interactive scenarios for students. During the learning process, students have more opportunities to communicate and help each other, not only can experience the taste of success in challenges, but also further cultivate the spirit of teamwork.

Different from general pure software programming education, “Pocket Machine Brain” (POCKEBOT) allows a better combination of artificial intelligence and engineering by combining robots. In the future, artificial intelligence will be more closely integrated with the real world. In the process of teaching the concept and knowledge of “physical computing”, “Pocket Machine Brain” (POCKEBOT) puts more emphasis on combining computational thinking and engineering to solve practical problems and train students comprehensive competitiveness in the future.

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